Care to know me?

Well, a Cristine Jane loves to live life to the fullest! I'm restless, energetic and always on the go. Anything that describes being active, that's me. Some say's I'm hard sometimes and feisty, well I'm just showing them that i have to be strong in times i need strengths. I really hate wasting my time because for me it worth like a Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag. i fancy bags, shoes and clothes very much. I'm sure most girls do!I usually spend most of my time shopping with friends and a group night out during weekends. Well it's the only rest I get after having a grueling and yet the most enjoyable week of my life. I'm in to modeling so much and had this dream of becoming the next America's Top model. And for my weird stuff, well I truly love doing exotic and thrilling sort of things like mountain climbing. I just love the feeling it gives me. I also adore some pleasures of life like eating and (sex) I'm currently experimenting on my sensual feelings right now. I'm sure you guys get that.